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If you're in the process of buying a home, or will be in the near future, one of the costs you're likely considering is a home warranty.  Selecting the RIGHT Home Warranty provider can be difficult and the type of coverage even harder.     

Ask us about the benefits of The Home Service Club®  home warranty with a home inspection
home warranty starts where your homeowners insurance stops. Whereas home insurance protects your stuff when disaster strikes, a home warranty will protect your stuff when life strikes. If your washing machine was destroyed in a flood your homeowners insurance should fix it but if it’s just old and it breaks down, your insurance will not help you out. A Home Service Club home warranty however, will help you when that old washing machine breaks down. After all, you still need it.

Lehigh Valley Home Inspectors have teamed up with The Home Service Club and now provides home warranty packages at  special pricing to our clients and as an EXTRA BOUNS for using Lehigh Valley Home Inspectors, we will cover your first service call within the first year.    

All plans can be purchased  in one, two or three year terms and includes coverage for:
          Undetecable pre-exiting conditions                                 Failure due to improper installations
         Lack of routine care and maintenance                            Refrigerant reclaim, recapture and disposal
         Misuse                                                                                     Permit fees
         Rust and/or corrosion                                                         Cod violation fees